Mistress of the Moonlight

Lissa. Single. Love is everything to me, and family too. i may be young but i crave affection and security. i love wolves they are like an obsession. and music is my drug. I am a writer on Wattpad but I do dream of becoming a fashion designer, so I started coming up with some ideas of hair bows. But moving on...you can find pretty much about anything on here so enjoy my blog ladies and gentlemen 😊 love you all. Oh and by the way, I follow back and I answer any question <3





Disney + Strong Hip Game

I just realized that Meg is like “I’m off the stage. Elsa you take over.” and Elsa is like “Aww yiss, here I am.”

And then there’s Jasmine and Esmeralda flirting with each other.




OMG those hips Ursula!! 0_0

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gengarmin and pixelpoltergeist's shiny giveaway!

To celebrate mine and pixelpoltergeist's 2 year anniversary on the 30th September we are giving away all of the shiny versions that we own of our favorite type - ghosts (the ones shown above).

  • First place will receive all six of the shinies shown above. 
  • Second place will receive a choice of either a shiny pumpkaboo or phantump.
  • Third place will receive the one that is left over.  

You don’t have to be following us but if you are then an extra shiny of your choice from this list will be added to the prize, only reblogs count and the winners will be chosen on the 1st October, if there is no reply for 24 hours then another winner will be chosen, good luck!

Dude it’s my birthday today :3

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Anonymous asked: Oooo girl. U sexy


Take off anon? :)


smack that ass from 8 feet away


I need this!!!! …..just to spank my crush’s ass ;) hehe ;3

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My 15th

Holy shit…it’s going to be my 15th birthday tomorrow and I have no idea what to do but all I’m gonna do is just have fun and just be random. Might wear my new clothes tomorrow too :) so the time that I’d be born is precisely at ‘9:31 AM 30th of September 1999’


Sharing some love the owl way

😢…wish I had him…I just wish I could’ve had the confidence to ask him to be with me…but somehow every time I try to, I end up saying nothing and my cheeks blush a deep rosy red.

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